A no-nonsense classic chess app.

Clean UI

Deep Green offers a distraction-free experience in a clean, native user interface.

Custom Piece Design

Beautiful chess set designed specifically for Deep Green and rendered at high resolution in both outline and 3D throughout the app.

Tight System Integration

Deep Green is built as a native app featuring system-level Sharing, undo/redo, contextual menus, Dark Mode and more.

Open Game Format

Games can be shared, saved, copied, pasted, imported, exported in the ubiquitous, open source PGN format.

Unique Chess Engine

Enjoyable opponent with adjustable strength, praised for its humane gameplay, developed for Deep Green on the Apple Newton more than 25 years ago.

Tweakable Appearance

Engage the knights in the game by having them turn towards the center of the board, apply a humane, slightly random placement of the pieces.

Modern Architecture

Rewritten from scratch making it a modern, maintainable app, prepared for the future.

Private, Ad-Free

No ads, no tracking, no analytics, no-nonsense.